Jakob Nørholm Bilstrup

I have a lot of unexplored intrests, I hope I'm going the venture into at my internship. Which I'm still in search for!

Personal Information

I am a geeky young man of 21 years, currently living in my hometown, Aarhus. I can offer a broad skillset but with strengths in Graphics, Design & Development.

In the past I've worked with 3D Modelling & Design of interiors and exterior.
My sparetime is usually used for small personal projects or sometimes larger freelance cases. Smaller graphical projects I usually share on my Instagram Profile.
I also use alot of my time selfstuding new things, that's connected to multimedia design.
I'm taking online courses, reading alot about new coding languages. More recently it's been photography and vector graphics / Illustrations

Because my intrests is the same I do everyday, it gives me alot of motivation and drive.